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Drives are like Gears of a Bike

FACT: CAULKING GUN DRIVES ARE JUST LIKE THE GEARS OF A RACING BIKE: When choosing among drive systems, it is important to remember that the force needed to dispense thin (low viscosity) materials is much less than that needed for thicker (higher viscosity) materials.  Long nozzles generate s...

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Viper Line

Basic guns designed for simple jobs. Typically offered at hardware, paint, and DIY stores. We add to their value with our engineering and quality control. Drives in this category are R5, R6B & H10. H10 Drive: R5 And R6 Manual Drives are excellent for low-cost sealants and applications where t...

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B-Line Drive

The B-Line is designed to compete with the best from around the world. By combining legendary Albion design and quality we offer tools that stand above the competition in value. Drives in this category are B1, B8, B12, B18 and B26. B1 Manual Drive: B8 Manual Drive: B18 Manual Drive:

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Professional Line Tools

We are especially proud of our Professional Line, which satisfies the needs of skilled craftsmen installing sealants and adhesives daily. These individuals require heavy-duty tools that are adaptable for special applications and are easily maintained with replacement parts. They expect their...

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Albion B-Line Sausage Caulk Guns Overview by J. S. Goray Inc.

Albion Engineering offers an extensive line of caulk guns, tools, and accessories. Today, I’m gonna give you a quick overview of their 20-ounce B-Line sausage guns. Albion manufactures a large catalog of caulk dispensing guns for every application. Their B-Line series of guns is the preferr...

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NEW! B12S20(Color) 20oz B-Line Manual Sausage Gun w/ Color Barrels and Optional Custom Engraving Albion is pleased to announce an expanded offering of the B12S20, now available with color barrels. Albion’s B12S20 now comes in 5 bright and durable epoxy coated barrels, great for&nb...

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How To Load a Bulk Caulk Gun

Many people who pick up a bulk gun for the first time get frustrated. Why? Because it is messy and it requires some practice. So, what are the keys to successful bulk caulk loading and dispensing? 1. Work to keep the process clean: Always have solvent and rags handy to clean the gun. Generally, t...

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