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Force, Thrust, and Pressure

Choosing the right tool for an application requires an understanding of the relationship between the Force (thrust) created Drive System and Pressures (PSI) within the Material Containment Unit (MCU). Above is the standard engineering equation we use every day at Albion. Note the decrease in pres...

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How Dispensing Tools Work

There are 3 core components in a dispensing tool: The Drive, the Material Containment Unit (MCU), and Nozzle. By customizing these components to meet your specific application needs, you can create the optimal dispensing tool. Drive: Creates initial force or thrust Material Containment Unit ...

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How Fast is Fast

POWERFUL, FAST, & RELIABLE!  A Cordless Gun can dramatically decrease the amount of time on a work site. For example, a DL-59-T13E with a 2” barrel can fill a 1/4 inch x 1/8 inch joint the length of a football field, in less than 2 minutes. That’s greater than 150 feet per minute. Unlike...

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