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Albion Engineering Company is a full-service design and manufacturing company that creates professional dispensing solutions for numerous industries. At Albion, we define Dispensing Solutions as the perfect combination of your product and our tool that contributes to the success of the adhesive/sealant installation. We understand viscosity, pot life, mix ratios, surface preparation, tooling, and the importance of the proper placement of joint back-up materials. Because we have more than 90 years of experience in designing tools, we can assemble the perfect combination of drive system, material containment unit, and nozzle to fit your application. Let us blend to create the solution that fits your needs best. We also have the resources and capabilities to rapidly design any solution to meet your schedule. Contact us today to find your Dispensing Solution.

We are proud of the performance of our dispensing products and their efficient, practical, and durable construction. They are used by serious installers of sealants and adhesives around the world.

Recognized as a leader in the field of hand held dispensing tools for the application of sealants and adhesives, we also build mechanical devices for the chemical, automotive, pharmaceutical, craft/hobby, game, printing, textile, and many more industries.

Our customers range from multinational corporate giants to fresh startups. The conversations and goals of all new contacts are uniquely interesting to us. And with knowledge comes inspirations for new and improved dispensing solutions products and services.

Albion’s staff of experienced engineers steer our new product design and development group, while supported by machinists and tool & die makers. Our quality control and manufacturing processes are fully documented. 3-D printing capability enables us to rapidly create prototypes so we can get your product to market quickly. We regularly verify our designs and manufacturing quality with cycle testing in the lab, and back that up by field testing with end users.

  • Standard Guns
    • Our stock guns and accessories are sold to distributors, contractors, and material manufacturers for use in a wide variety of industries and trades.
  • Custom Guns
    • Albion has over 90 years of experience at customizing dispensing devices to meet unique customer needs. Let us help solve getting your material where it belongs, challenge us.
  • Private Label Guns
    • Enhance your marketing and build product loyalty with a one-of-a-kind gun. Let us customize one of our standard tools so that it is as distinctive as your product – with your label, carton, company logo or colors.
  • 3-D Computer Aided Product Design
  • USA and Far East Manufacturing
  • Worldwide Distribution

As you browse the Albion website you will find dispensing tools and caulking guns for a variety of industries and applications. Further, our engineers have the ability to design a dispensing solution for any application you have in mind.


  • Glazing Sealants & Waterproofing
  • Epoxy Injection – Multi-Component
  • Firestopping
  • Window & Door
  • Framing – wood & metal
  • Log Chinking
  • Flooring & cove base
  • Liquid Anchoring
  • Cementitious Grout Injection
  • Pointing / Masonry Restoration
  • Paint & Drywall
  • Roofing, Siding & Insulation
  • EIFS
  • Concrete flatwork
  • Tilt-Up
  • Highway & Runway
  • Kitchen & Bath
  • HVAC
  • Applying Air & Vapor Carrier (AVB) Sealants
  • Applying Solid Surface adhesives


  • Windshield sealants
  • Adhesive Bonding
  • Grease & Lubricants

Industrial & OEM:

  • Shop application of Adhesives, Sealants, Caulks and Epoxies

Food, Drug & Cosmetic:

  • Transferring materials
  • Extruding ingredients


  • Hoof repair


  • Chemical application
  • Beehive injection


  • Underwater sealant application
  • Sealing & Caulking with Silicones, Urethanes & Butyls 

Electrical & Electronic:

  • Potting
  • Firestopping

Offset Printing:

  • Dispensing ink from 2K Cartridges to offset printing presses