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Viper Line

Viper Line

Albion Engineering's VIPER Line Guns

Basic guns designed for simple jobs. Typically offered at hardware, paint, and DIY stores. We add to their value with our engineering and quality control. Drives in this category are R5, R6B & H10.

H10 Drive:

  • 10:1 power ratio
  • Smooth hex rod
  • Nozzle cutter and puncture wire
  • Easy, out-of-the way storage with its light, flat design
  • Available in Standard and No-Drip

R5 And R6 Manual Drives are excellent for low-cost sealants and applications where there is a significant amount of start and stops, due to the inherent drip-free design of a ratchet drive. Nozzle cutter and puncture wire.

R5 Drive

  • 5:1 power ratio for fast dispensing of low viscosity acrylics & silicones
  • Ratchet drive is inherently drip free

R6 Drive:

  • 6:1 power ratio
  • Includes spout cutter, puncture wire, ladder hook and wrist strap
  • Ratchet drive is inherently drip-free.

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