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The Albion Difference


Albion Engineering Company was acquired in 1929 by F. Karl Schneider in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.  Since 1936, Albion has been a leader in the dispensing tool/caulking gun markets. Today, the third generation of the Schneider family remains committed to continuing the Albion tradition of innovative and quality dispensing solutions.

Albion actively designs and patents new dispensing tools for construction, industrial and other applications that increase the efficiency and reduce the hassles of installing sealants, caulks and adhesives. Our dispensing guns are designed to:

  • Get into tight places
  • Reach far places
  • Mix two component products accurately
  • Dispense thick product easily
  • Hold large volumes

Albion dispensers and accessories are available wherever commercial quality caulks, sealants and adhesives are sold in North America. This includes general building supply, roofing and siding and industrial supply houses. In addition, many products are available for sale on this site and on Amazon.com


F. Karl Schneider

Acquired in 1929 by F. Karl Schneider, Albion Engineering Company was a pioneer in the field of dispensing technologies. F. Karl Schneider, President 1929-1963, launched Albion into dispensing tools with USA Patent #1986166, which reminds us that he changed the way caulking guns operated by patenting the first smooth rod caulking gun.  Since that time, countless numbers of satisfied users have enjoyed the efficiency and durability of Albion dispensing solutions.

Franz K. Schneider

Franz K. Schneider, active 1963-1999, expanded the company’s product line to include air-powered and multi-component caulk gun models, as well as special tools and accessories, including Albion’s stainless steel mixing device and patented adjustable piston expander.

Mark C. Schneider

Current Owner Mark C. Schneider joined the company in 1989. A Mechanical Engineering graduate of Drexel University he brought with him over ten years of professional machine design and manufacturing experience. He has been granted several patents and has several others pending in the field of high-thrust and power-assisted caulking guns.


Mark’s grandfather, F. Karl Schneider purchased Albion Engineering Company in Philadelphia in 1929. At the time, the company consisted of a machine shop that built keg washers for Schmidt’s Brewery and elliptical gears for the local knitting mills. The machine shop was on the second floor of a wagon wheel garage, powered by overhead drive shafts.

In the early 1930s, F. Karl Schneider designed a caulk dispensing gun for Calbar Paint & Varnish Company who manufactured paint and putty in the first floor garage Albion owned. In 1936, F. Karl Schneider was awarded the patent for the smooth rod drive caulking gun. The development of the first smooth rod drive caulking gun launched Albion into the dispensing tool market. In 1937, Albion patented a trigger-actuated grease dispensing gun, with design features still in use today.

The company has since expanded the dispensing gun product line immensely for air-powered and multi-component caulk gun models, dispensing gun accessories and special dispensing gun tools, such as Albion’s stainless steel mixing device. Mark Schneider has been granted several patents and has several others pending in the field of high-thrust and power assisted caulking guns.

Today, the Albion Engineering Company has almost 800 cataloged dispensing guns, caulk gun accessories, and specialty products. We continue to remain committed to providing you with innovative, top of the line caulking gun solutions for your dispensing needs. Contact us for more information.


  1. Our dispensing tools and accessories are designed in the USA, from our location near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  2. We are small enough to react quickly to customer needs but large enough to bring the very latest in engineering and manufacturing resources to produce durable, dependable and efficient dispensing tools.
  3. We have been family owned and operated since the 1920s.  An excerpt from Our Family Business Mission Statement: We are not forced to look at the short term financial gains but work for the long term good of the company.
  4. We are engineers who like to solve problems.  We will work with you to find the best possible solution to your dispensing needs.
  5. We have developed dispensing hand tools for virtually every dispensing need and application. Choose from manual caulking guns, pneumatic caulk guns, or cordless dispensing tools or ask us about our dispensing gun engineering services.
  6. We solve problems by designing the right dispensing tools. Tools that will dispense, apply, or inject material. Tools that enable conscientious users to do the job right.
  7. All of our dispensing tools and caulk gun accessories are designed to last. We also provide replacement and upgrade parts.
  8. Albion’s tools provide real value.  If the caulking guns found in your local hardware or big box outlets are not meeting your needs, turn to Albion. Our dispensing guns can be rebuilt, repaired, or modified specifically for your application, just contact us.