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NEW! B12S20(Color)

20oz B-Line Manual Sausage Gun w/ Color Barrels and Optional Custom Engraving

Albion B12S20 Manual Sausage Gun w/ Color Barrels: Orange, Red, Blue, Black & Green

Albion is pleased to announce an expanded offering of the B12S20, now available with color barrels. Albion’s B12S20 now comes in 5 bright and durable epoxy coated barrels, great for identifying tools when on the job. Buy a color for every person on your crew or one for every application/material type:  Red for Firestop, Blue for Polyurethane or make it Green for Acrylics. In addition, get your barrel(s) customized with our laser engraving option.   The personalized text will be laser engraved on the opposite side of the barrel, in a large, bold text (approx. 1/2″ tall) allowing up to 20 Characters per barrel. A great gift for any contractor.

For custom engraving, select your barrel color. Then add a name into the text field below the color selection. Just add to cart and check out, we will do the rest.

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