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NEW! 18Volt Cordless Twin Cartridge Guns

NEW! 18Volt Cordless Twin Cartridge Guns

Albion is proud to announce our new line of 18-Volt Cordless Twin-Cartridge Dispensing Guns, powered by Milwaukee® REDLITHIUM™ battery technology. These are Albion’s most powerful cordless guns to date,  featuring 950lbpowered by an 18-Volt Lithium-Ion battery for fade-free power. These are long-life batteries with a fast, 30 minute recharging time to help you finish your work quicker and more efficiently. Our 18-Volt cordless guns give the user precise flow control using a variable speed trigger complemented by instant drive disengagement when the trigger is released for no-drip performance. Albion’s cordless guns are built with a rigid carriage paired with an ergonomicly designed handle to reduce wrist strain.


Bulletin 346 E18 Twin Cartridge_web.pdf


The 600 Series features the 300x300ml E18T600  (1:1 mix ratio); and the 300x150mlE18T600X2 (2:1). There are also two “stand-up” or extensionversions, the E18T600XL (1:1, 300x300ml) and theE18T600X2L (2:1, 300x150ml), which both feature 54″ long carriages giving the user the capability to dispense materials at ground level or overhead while maintaining a comfortable, standing position.


In the 400 Series, model E18T400 can dispense at both 1:1 and 2:1 ratios (cartridge capacities of 395ml and 400ml, respectively. Also available in the 400 Series are the E88T400X4 (4:1, 415ml) and the E18T400X10 (10:1, 490ml) which is a popular size for solid surface adhesives.

1200 Series Cordless Multi-Component Cartridge Gun (2:1) 18 Volt

The E18T900 will dispense 600x300ml twin cartridges (2:1 mix ratio).

1500 Series Cordless Multi-Component Cartridge Extension Gun (1:1) 18 Volt
The “stand-up” E18T1500XL (1:1, 750x750ml)
1500 Series Cordless Multi-Component Cartridge Gun (1:1) 18 Volt

The 1500 series includes the 750x750ml E18T1500X (1:1 top-load carriage), the E18T1500 (1:1 side-load carriage), E18T825 (10:1, 750x75ml) and the E18T1500XL(stand-up, 1:1, 750x750ml)

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