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NEW! The Spot-Pro System

NEW! The Spot-Pro System


For Sealing Exposed Metal Roofing/Siding Fasteners

Albion B12B30SP Spot Pro System for Sealing Exposed Metal Roofing/Siding Fasteners

Albion is proud to announce the New B12B30SP Spot-Pro® System for Sealing Exposed Metal Roofing/Siding Fasteners.  The B12B30SP Spot-Pro System is a complete kit including the popular Spot-Pro® Extension nozzle (1032-G02) and a B-Line 30oz Bulk dispenser (B12B30HJ).  Everything you need in one box.No need to bend over with the Spot-Pro System as the dispenser and extension nozzle combine to provide a three-foot reach that will save your aching back.  The 1032-G02 Spot-Pro® Extension nozzle has a spring loaded check valve that is activated by pressing down on screw head.  It applies a consistent dab of sealant accurately on the screw head with No Drip.   The nozzle easily and securely threads to the dispenser with the included jumbo front cap.   The entire unit, dispenser and nozzle, disassembles for easy cleaning. The 30oz bulk dispenser is from our popular a B-Line which means you get all the great features you know and love. Standard 12:1 mechanical advantage drive, full size rotating swivel handle for comfortable, efficient dispensing.  In addition to dispensing bulk material the B12B30HJ dispenser can easily switch to 20oz sausage packs or 10oz cartridges with parts included.  The dispenser comes standard with three orange cones nozzles and metal ring cap for other roofing applications. Stop bending over with a traditional caulk gun to seal the thousands of exposed fasteners on a metal roof. The Albion Spot Pro system is faster, neater, saves material… And your aching back!For shareable PDF see Product Bulletin 347-1

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