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Material Containment Units

Material Containment Units contain the material to be dispensed. The force generated by the Drive System creates pressure inside the Material Containment Unit, forcing the material through the nozzle.

The following are the most common containers for materials


The most cost effective material packaging, generally 2 or 5 gallon pails that require self loading tools. Bulk dispensing tools are available in 3 barrel diameters and in various lengths. All Bulk tools come with dual leather pistons that maintain suction to load and dispense a wide range of material types.


More cost-effective than the cartridge. Sausages eliminate most of the waste of partially used cartridges. Sausage and Bulk dispensing tools are quite similar, except in the Sausage gun a plastic piston replaces the leather pistons to maximize efficiency. Albion highly recommends the Teflon® piston to minimize friction between the piston and the barrel, as well as maintaining the required thrust to dispense materials.  20oz (600ml) is the most popular size in the construction industry but our guns can accommodate all 2" diameter sausages from 10oz to 1 liter

In addition, with Albion sausage guns you gain access to our wide range of nozzles.


The simplest and easiest package for dispensing material.  Typically the highest in cost, per ounce. Single and two component cartridge designs vary significantly in quality and acceptable maximum pressure.