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Designed For Industrial & Construction Applications - Albion Engineering's Caulking Guns
Albion Engineering 10oz Cartridge Gun Diagram
Albion Engineering Sausage Gun Diagram
Albion Engineering Bulk Gun Diagram

Albion Engineering Company is pleased to introduce three new Mid-Handle Air Powered Dispensing Tools for sealants, caulks and adhesives.  Designed for use in Industrial & Construction applications, including factory production. There are models for each popular material package category: 10oz Cartridge, Sausage and Bulk.

The Mid-Handle design provides balanced, fatigue-free dispensing. It also places the operator closer to their work allowing more precise dispensing.  They are also lighter in weight than our legendary all-steel models.  The powder-coated black finish gives a polished and professional look.  Regulators are built-in for maximum flow control.

The AC10 model for 10oz cartridges features a rod-less design which operates easily into confined spaces. The AS20 for 20oz sausage packs features smooth rod design and compatible with all B-Line sausage accessories including nozzles, caps, pistons and ladder hook pulls. The AS20 kit includes 6 nozzles and 2 replacement pistons.  The AB30 for bulk dispensing features durable steel barrel, cap and steel rod. All Albion professional line accessories including barrels, pistons, caps, pulls & nozzles are compatible.  It includes 3 orange cone nozzles, one metal nozzle and metal nozzle adapter.

These Mid-Handle tools offer the same quality and performance as our single component air tools, but with a better price point.

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