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How Dispensing Tools Work

There are 3 core components in a dispensing tool: The Drive, the Material Containment Unit (MCU), and Nozzle. By customizing these components to meet your specific application needs, you can create the optimal dispensing tool. Drive: Creates initial force or thrust Material Containment Unit ...

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Viper Line

Basic guns designed for simple jobs. Typically offered at hardware, paint, and DIY stores. We add to their value with our engineering and quality control. Drives in this category are R5, R6B & H10. H10 Drive: R5 And R6 Manual Drives are excellent for low-cost sealants and applications where t...

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Material Containment Units

Material Containment Units contain the material to be dispensed. The force generated by the Drive System creates pressure inside the Material Containment Unit, forcing the material through the nozzle. The following are the most common containers for materials: Bulk The most cost-effective materia...

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Momentive Approves Albion 18V Cordless Dispensing Tool for use with GE Ultraglaze

Albion is pleased to announce that our powerful and versitile 18V cordless dispensing gun E18C380X10 has been approved by Momentive Performance Materials (MPM / GE Silicones) for dispensing GE UltraGlaze structural silicone in 2-part coaxial cartridges with static mixing nozzles. Tested...

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