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How Dispensing Tools Work

There are 3 core components in a dispensing tool: The Drive, the Material Containment Unit (MCU), and Nozzle. By customizing these components to meet your specific application needs, you can create the optimal dispensing tool. Drive: Creates initial force or thrust Material Containment Unit ...

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Professional Line Tools

We are especially proud of our Professional Line, which satisfies the needs of skilled craftsmen installing sealants and adhesives daily. These individuals require heavy-duty tools that are adaptable for special applications and are easily maintained with replacement parts. They expect their...

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Which is the Better Tools for Powered Dispensing, Cordless or Air?

When your sealant or adhesive dispensing project would benefit from a powered tool how do you choose between cordless, battery and air?  Each has inherent advantages and disadvantages.  Following is a summary to help you make a decision that will help you increase your output & effi...

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The Equation F=PA

Why do we have so many different types of tools, and how do we select the right tool for the right application? This is one of the hardest questions and one we don’t give much thought to. Heck, a caulking gun is a caulking gun, right? Wrong, and here is why. Force = Pressure x Area This is ...

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