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Which Albion Piston Packing (Cup) or Ejector is best?

Which Albion Piston Packing (Cup) or Ejector is best?

Albion manufactures a wide variety of pistons for cartridge, sausage, or bulk packed materials. Choose the best one for your application based on the type of tool your using and the type material you are dispensing:

Choose the best piston for your application - Albion Engineering Pistons
21-1 Soft Leather Standard Leather Piston Packing Replacement Bulk


  • Low friction, tough and durable, excellent chemical resistance.
  • Soak in motor oil to maintain.
  • May swell then break down when used with water based materials.
  • Oil more frequently or choose another piston below for acrylics.
  • Add a 222-2 Expander in front of leather piston if you are experiencing leakage or blow-by.
  • For complete replacement kit use 47-7 or 47-13 which includes #222-2 expanders.
21-7 Impregnated Leather Piston


  • Wax-impregnation makes this a stiffer alternative to the standard 2″ Leather Bulk load 21-1 piston.
  • Reduces water absorption and blow-by.
  • Recommended for use with the 222-2 piston expander.
  • Requires less maintenance.
  • Recommended for all bulk caulks and sealants.
  • Durable with excellent chemical resistance.
21-16 Nitrile Rubber Piston Packing Replacement Bulk


  • Good seal, elastic, moderate friction.
  • Excellent for water-based materials. Preferred by chinkers.
  • Not recommended for use with solvent-based materials.
  • For a complete replacement kit order part 47-10.
2" 21-26 Nylon Piston Packing Replacement Bulk

21-26 NYLON

  • Springy, moderate friction.
  • Same stiffness as Hytrel®, but with better chemical resistance.
  • Use for Bulk caulking or with Sausage packs
21-20 Teflon Piston Packing Replacement Sausage or Bulk

21-20 TEFLON

  • Solid Teflon® construction enables low-friction dispensing.
  • The most chemically-resistant synthetic piston available.
  • Easily damaged if not well cared for.
  • Use for Bulk caulking or with Sausage packs
  • For a complete replacement kit order part 47-42.
21-24 Hytrel Piston - Albion Engineering

21-24 HYTREL

  • Designed for dispensing sausage packs
  • Stiff Hytrel® plastic is durable and has good chemical resistance.
  • Sharp edge scrapes inside walls of barrel preventing sausage bag wrap.
29-H25 PolyFinger / Polyethylene Piston Packing Replacement Sausage


  • Finger design – use in front of 21-1 soft leather for sausages. 
  • Replacement kit is 47-23 for manual guns
  • Durable polyethylene fingers efficiently dispense sausage packs without pinching the wrapper.
2" 21-30 Poly Plastic Piston Packing Replacement Bulk


  • Lowest cost alternative cup.
  • 2″ Bulk load piston for use only when chemicals and harsh agents are not a factor.
  • Recommended for water based materials; Acrylics, Chinking, etc.
  • May be appropriate for some food applications.
2" 873-6 Polyplastic Piston Packing for B-Line Sausage Guns


  • Use with B-Line manual or Cordless sausage guns. Can also be used for AT Line Twin Sausage AT1200S or AT1200S-2.
  • Design flexes under pressure to maintain tight seal in barrel.
  • Durable polyplastic and has good chemical resistance.
873-35 Bulk Piston for B-Line Sausage Guns

873-35 HYTREL

  • For those occasional instances when you need your sausage gun to do double duty as a bulk loader
  • Tough Hytrel plastic for long life
  • Use with B-Line manual
1/10 29-G18 10oz Cartridge Ejector 1.37 Outside Diameter


  • Substitute this cartridge ejector in place of the piston cups on any 2″ diameter Albion bulk gun (DL-45, DL-59) to dispense cartridges.
  • For replacement kit 870-2
29-G12 Quart Cartridge Ejector


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