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Bulk Loading Low Viscosity Material

Bulk Loading Low Viscosity Material

PD-45-T17 Push Pull Gun w/Orange Cone Nozzle

It is not difficult to load very liquid materials into a standard bulk gun. The biggest issue is that once loaded, removing the tool from the pail quickly enough to minimize material loss results in a mess.

Loading low viscosity sealants and adhesives, often referred to as self-leveling or pour grade, can be almost like loading water into a dispensing tool. Fortunately, many of these products can be loaded directly through the gun nozzle. The front cap and nozzle do not need to be removed from the gun for loading. The benefits of loading through the nozzle are that the gun can be loaded more quickly and with less mess.

The smaller the nozzle diameter, the harder it will be to draw the material in. However, smaller diameters make it easier to keep the material inside the tool. A conscientious mechanic will find the ideal balance between the two. In our experience, smaller is better. The diameter of the nozzle does not need to be closely matched to the joint width as with non-sag sealants because tooling is usually not necessary.

Albion also builds Push-Pull tools. These are bulk guns without a drive system. You simply pull the rod back to load the tool, and push the rod to dispense. Some contractors find this quicker and easier for large jobs using self leveling material.

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