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NEW! Ribbon Bead Nozzle

NEW! Ribbon Bead Nozzle

New Albion Ribbon Bead Nozzle - Deluxe Line Bulk, Sausage & B-Line Bulk Dispensers

Albion is pleased to announce the availability of our New Ribbon bead nozzle for dispensing 1/8″ thick flat ribbons of sealant or adhesive.  The 1117-2 Ribbon Bead Nozzle is 5/8″ wide but can be modified easily with a utility knife to dispense at up to 1-1/2″ wide (1/4″ increments).  For joints wider that 2” consider using the 1018-G01 Ribbon Bead nozzle.

Quickly apply Air Barrier sealants around window and door openings, faster than a trowel. Can also be used for Lap Sealants, Wet Flashings and Bedding Adhesives. Provides a consistent ribbon at the correct thickness & width that aligns with most material manufactures recommended specifications (Huber, Meadows, Procoso & Tremco ).  Which mean less tooling and less waste of material!

The 1117-2 Ribbon Bead Nozzle will fit all 2” diameter barrel, Special Deluxe Bulk and Sausage guns (DL-45, DL-59, etc.) as well as B-Line Bulk guns (B12B20, B12B30, etc.) with 421-G01 metal ring cap. Also fits B-Line Sausage guns (B12S20, B26S20, etc.) with 868-1 front cap.

Thank you, Doug DeSilvo from George D Alan Company, for assisting us with the concept and design of this nozzle.


  • Applying Air & Vapor barriers sealants
  • Lap Seals
  • Wet Flashing
  • Bedding Adhesives
Albion Engineering Bead Nozzle Chart

1117-2 Nozzle Shown on Special Deluxe Dispenser with standard 421-G01 front cap

Standard 421-G01 Front Cap on Albion Special Deluxe Dispenser

1117-2 Nozzle Shown on B-Line Sausage Dispenser and must use with 868-1 front cap

Use 868-1 Front Cap on Albion B-Line Sausage Dispenser

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