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How To Load a Bulk Caulk Gun

Many people who pick up a bulk gun for the first time get frustrated. Why? Because it is messy and it requires some practice. So, what are the keys to successful bulk caulk loading and dispensing? 1. Work to keep the process clean: Always have solvent and rags handy to clean the gun. Generally, t...

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Slip on Follow Plates

NEW! Slip-On Follow Plates

NEW FOLLOW PLATE FOR BULK CAULK LOADING 504-G15 and 504-G16 Follow Plate for Bulk Caulk Loading. Albion is proud to introduce new 504-G15 and 504-G16 Follow Plates for bulk caulk loading. With its Quick Push-On, Pull-Off Seal Feature, no barrel threading is Required!  Thi...

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B-Line 20oz Sausage Gun High Output / Low Thrust 8:1 Ratio Drive

NEW Products Have Arrived!

YOU ASKED, WE LISTENED! HERE’S THE NEW LINE UP FOR 2019.   B8S20 20OZ SAUSAGE GUN – High Output/Low Thrust 600 SERIES MULTI-COMPONENT GUNS – 300x300ml Same great features as the Market Leader, our B26T600.  Use for Thicker materials. For our entire line ...

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