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Selecting the Best Piston for Your Albion Caulk Gun (by Bob Reynolds)

Selecting the Best Piston for Your Albion Caulk Gun (by Bob Reynolds)

Albion manufactures a wide variety of pistons for their guns. Choose the best one for your gun based on the type of material that you’re dispensing. Number 21-1, soft leather piston, has low friction, it’s tough and durable, and has excellent chemical resistance. To maintain it, soak it in motor oil. It’s not recommended for water-based materials. Add a number 222-2 expander in front of the leather piston if you are experiencing leakage or blowby. You can purchase these, individually, or as a complete replacement kit.

Number 47-7 is the kit with soft leather pistons. Number 47-13 includes the number 222-2 expanders also. Number 21-7, wax-impregnated leather piston, is similar to the soft leather piston but is stiffened with wax to reduce water absorption. This can be used with water-based materials such as acrylics or latex. Number 21-6, nitrile rubber, is a good elastic seal with moderate friction. It’s excellent for water-based materials and is preferred by many tinkerers. It’s not recommended for use with solvent-based materials. For a complete replacement kit, order part number 47-10. Number 21-20, Teflon piston, has the lowest friction, has excellent chemical resistance, although it is expensive. It’s very good for bulk and sausage pack. For a complete replacement kit, order number 47-42.

Number 21-24, Hytrel, exhibits low friction, has good chemical resistance and is excellent for sausages. Number 29-H25, polyethylene finger design, is also great for sausages. Number 21-25, polyplastic, is a low-cost alternative cup. Number 47-35, adjustable wedge piston kit, loosens or tightens piston cups easily to compensate for variations in wear. This gives you total dispensing control. Order number 47-35 for leather pistons or number 47-36 for Teflon. Number 873-6, plastic piston, is for use with sausages on the B-Line guns.

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