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C.A.T. Caulk Spatulas Now Available from Albion

C.A.T. Caulk Spatulas Now Available from Albion

Albion Acquires C.A.T. Line of Caulk Finishing Tools

Albion Engineering Company announces its acquisition of the unique line of C.A.T. (Caulk Application Tool) Spatulas for wet tooling caulk joints. Invented by Wayne Bel Cher of United Professional Caulking and Restoration of Seahurst, WA, these sturdy plastic tools come in a variety of widths and complement Albion’s existing line of joint tools and other caulk and adhesive installation accessories.


Bulletin 345 CAT Spatulas_web.pdf

The unique feature of the C.A.T. is the elliptical spline radius tip which allows users to efficiently tool wet sealant into the concave shape that sealant manufacturers and ASTM C1193 specifies. Correct joint profile is critical for maximizing sealant performance and tooling pushes the sealant into the pores of the substrate and into contact with the sealant backing rod, forming an effective weather or structural seal in dynamic joints.

It’s the C.A.T. that doesn’t scratch! Formed of a sturdy solvent-resistant thermoplastic polymer, these non-marking tools are ideal for use on anodized aluminum, coated glass, painted substrates or other easily scratched surfaces.

The unique tip shape, combined with non-marking construction, make these the preferred tools of professional sealant installers.  More information is available on Product Bulletin 345

Grey Albion C.A.T. Spatula in use on a tan surface

Ordering Instructions: Following are Albion item numbers for the C.A.T.s
1058-G01: 8-piece set of plastic spatulas
1058-G02: 4-piece set of the smallest plastic spatulas
1058-G03: 4-piece set of the largest plastic spatulas
922-G01: 6-piece set of stainless steel spatulas

C.A.T. Spatulas are available from distributors of sealants, coatings and waterproofing products throughout North America and through AMAZON.

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