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NEW! 1/2″ ID Bendable Nozzles

NEW! 1/2″ ID Bendable Nozzles

Two years ago, Albion introduced 3/8″ ID threaded base bendable nozzles (32-112, -113, -114). We heard many positive comments and they became especially popular with firestop installers for getting into tight areas.

1/2 Inch Flared Base Bendable Nozzle

We are now announcing the availability of larger 1/2″ ID flared base bendable nozzles (32-116, -117, -118) as an alternative.  The benefits are:

  • Larger I.D. means easier pumping
  • For use with both the Albion professional line (DL-45, DL-59, etc.) and B-line guns (B12S20)
    • To use with Albion professional line guns, choose flared nozzle adapter#970-G01
    • To use with B-line sausage guns, choose flared nozzle adapter #970-G02
  • The simple flared base means you can also make your own nozzles quickly and inexpensively with flexible alumnium or copper tubing and a pipe flaring tool.

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