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The Rover – NEW Product Enhancements

The Rover – NEW Product Enhancements

1051-1 Rover Backer Rod installer Improvements

Diagram of Albion 1051-1 Backer Rod Tool Improvements

Albion is proud to announce a series of improvements to our Rover Backer Rod Installer.  It now sets up and breaks down faster, can handle wider spools and larger diameter rod, and includes a convenient holder for handheld rod inserters.

Since its introduction in 2016 the Rover has saved thousands of man-hours by installing millions of linear feet of backer rod quickly and accurately.  It has been a show-stopper at concrete and waterproofing events the past three years.  But since at Albion The Best Just Keeps Gettin’ Better!® we have been listening to customers and tweaking the design for optimal jobsite productivity.

Firstly, it has all new frame connections – quick snap in place linchpins replace time-consuming threaded pipe for faster set-up. Also, the unit now includes a second backer rod guide tube for wider diameter 5/8” to 1” rod (p/n 1059-G10) so the Rover can set from ¼” through 1” rod right out of the box.  And, because Rover operators typically carry a standard hand-held backer rod installer (Albion 640-series) to clean up the tails at the beginning and end of each run we added a simple holder right next to the push handle.  Lastly, introduced an Extension Kit for holding wider spools of backer rod up to 31” (p/n 1074-1 sold separately).

New connections, New backer rod guide and new holder for Albion Backer Rods

Albion’s Rover Backer Rod installer sets foam rod quickly and at a consistent, adjustable depth in horizontal joints. The patented design allows walk-behind insertion that transforms a back-breaking two or three man job into an efficient and hassle-free one man operation.  It saves time packing joints in warehouse floors, parking garages, airport runways and highways.

A spool of backer rod mounts conveniently in the upper frame with spring retainers.  Rod is guided smoothly down through a feed tube where it is neatly delivered to a set of three durable steel insertion wheels which place it firmly into the joint, up to 3/4″ deep. Be sure to keep a 640-series backer rod insertion tool handy for tidying up entry and exit points made with the Rover.

The Rover is particularly effective in saw cut joints in concrete where it rolls smoothly down long stretches without missing a beat. Save time and hassle on your next job by adding the efficiency of the Albion Rover Backer Rod Installer.  Ships and stores in a durable, 2-wheeled weather-resistant plastic storage case.

See the Rover in Action: https://goo.gl/WEfxoV

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