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Let’s Support One Another

Let’s Support One Another

Support - Hands Holding Each Other - Family Promise & Albion Dispensing Solutions

Right now we are all facing challenges we never could have imagined. Now imagine that same challenge if you were homeless. Basics, like cleaning products are scarce and shelters are literally closing their doors because of a lack of volunteers. Interfaith Hospitality Network of Burlington County, an affiliate of Family Promise, has been helping homeless families for 20 years and has never faced anything like this. Typically, a wonderful network of churches with amazing volunteers shelter and care for these families, but the Coronavirus, has understandably caused a dramatic shift in their ability to help.

Currently we are sheltering a family of 5 in a motel room. Mom, new at her job, was laid off and unable to receive unemployment benefits. Dad has been the primary caretaker for their three children, 1 and 11, and their 3-year-old little girl who has autism. They are safe and we are committed to provide for them as long as necessary, and help from people like you would make a tremendous difference. If you are able to donate even a little bit, please do so through our link at Interfaith Hospitality Network Burlington County. Every effort will truly help this family, and future families, because under these circumstances we are certain the number of homeless in Burlington County will grow and they too will need our help.

Thank you,

From all of us at IHN, Family Promise and Albion Engineering 

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