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NEW Caulk Spatula Sizes

NEW Caulk Spatula Sizes

Albion is pleased to announce the addition of two new sizes of Classic Spatulas (hardwood handle) to our industry standard line of professional tools for wet sealants.


Bulletin 297D 20111125.pdf

  • The #258-4TPS (7/16″ wide tip) & #258-5TPS (1/2″ tip) fill in a gap in the product line for tooling joints between 3/8″ and 5/8″ wide. These new size tools are only available in the Classic Spatula style.
  • These spatulas are built of the same highly polished stainless steel as the rest of  the product line and are ground to the correct taper and thickness that professional caulkers require for properly tooling sealants to achieve substrate adhesion and the concave profile that sealant manufacturers specify.
  • View Product Bulletin 297D for complete information.
Albion Has a Caulk Spatula For Every Size Joint Graph: 658 & 258 Series, 556-G01 Kit

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