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Introducing Albion’s New Dispenser Selection Tool for Twin Cartridges

Introducing Albion’s New Dispenser Selection Tool for Twin Cartridges

With so many different brands and sizes of 2-Part epoxies and adhesives on the market how do you know which hand-held Multi-Component Dispensing tool is right for you?

And, just because a cartridge set fits into a dual-component gun that does not guarantee that it will dispense accurately or efficiently.  Proper mixing is critical to the performance of your project and the correct professional quality dispenser from Albion will ensure that.

Albion B26T400x10 Multi-Component Gun: Green & Black
White Caulk Cartridges on a Blue Background

Finding the right tool for your 2K epoxies or adhesives cartridge is made easy with the interactive Albion Multi-Component Chart.  It can be found at the top of the Multi-Component product page on the Albion web site here.  With two simple steps the chart will zero you in on the best dispensing tool for your twin cartridge set.

Albion Engineering's Multi-Component Gun Chart

How to Navigate the chart:

  • Top Row = Cartridge Mix Ratio
  • Left Column = Albion Product Series
  • Cell = Cartridge Capacity

Step 1 – Hover your mouse over the capacity in each cell to view more cartridge details like the cartridge length, diameter and total capacity.

Step 2 – Click on the cell to view all the Albion tools – Manual, Air and Cordless battery powered – that will dispense that cartridge set!

NOTE: Every manufacturer of 2K products fills and labels their cartridges a little differently.  600 milliliters equals approximately 22 ounces – except for when it is labeled as 20 or 21 ounces or 590 or 610 milliliters!  If you are having trouble finding your exact cartridge capacity see our Metric Conversion Chart.

For a deeper dive into the world of dispensing two-component cartridges read “Dispensing Materials in 2K Packaging” by Albion’s president Mark Schneider.

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