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Cordless Caulking Guns (Battery Powered)

Cordless Caulking Guns (Battery Powered)

Why spend the money? What value to they bring? What should I look for when considering a cordless caulking gun? All great questions, all issues which you need to answer. Here are my thoughts

1. Value the tool brings –

Dealing with large volumes of material per job, it eliminates hand fatigue and speed up the job.

When material is thick and hard to dispense. Generally speaking the cordless tools do a good job at pushing really thick material out when you can’t. Urethane sealant in cold weather thickens up quite a bit; this is an excellent application for a cordless gun.

2. Why spend the money –

Two things you have to keep in mind. It is really only worth the money if you need to be productive and you use the tool continually. With that said, don’t buy a cheap cordless tool for they won’t last long enough for you to get your money’s worth out of them. Stick with the major high end brands.

3. What to look for when considering a cordless caulking gun?

You really want to stick with the name brands. You will get extended life out of the tool and most major brands engineer the protection you need. They also should take into consideration the atmosphere you are working in and design around it. For example, most urethane sealants are high solvent based material. The vapors are flammable the therefore you need to protect the motor and circuitry appropriately.

We believe it is very important to have a variable speed trigger for while applying the sealant you come across imperfections, corners, variations in the joint where you need to adjust the speed.

Our tool has a MAX speed adjustment knob; this along with the variable speed knob gives you the best of both worlds. You set the max speed know to the maximum speed you need then use the variable speed trigger to adjust that speed as you dispense. By setting the max speed knob you increase the life of the battery, which is a really nice benefit.

Cordless dispensing tools will make the job easier, quicker, and place far less strain on your body. The cost/benefit will be determined by how much you use the tool.

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