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Technical Information

Albion Dispensing Solutions Technical Information

  • Standard dispensing gun (bulk & sausage) barrels are 2" in diameter unless noted otherwise.  2-5/8" (770 series) and 3-3/8" (103 & 200-series) diameter barrels are also available.
  • The standard barrels on Deluxe, Special Deluxe, Ultra and Air caulking guns are threaded (12 TPI front, 18 TPI rear). For 2" diameter barrels only, clip on caps / barrels can be specified . Utility style dispensing gun units have three prong clip on caps only.
  • All Deluxe and Special Deluxe dispensing guns are built with a swivel handle which rotates to allow for easy changes of direction and uninterrupted flow of material. Except for dispensing gun models numbered #380, all Special Deluxe cartridge guns also have this feature.
  • All professional-quality caulking guns are of sturdy steel construction and are zinc plated and / or epoxy powder coated for comfort and corrosion resistance.  Alumnium
    Except for Ultra models, many cartridge guns come with a handy cartridge seal puncture wire captured inside the handle grip or mounted on the carriage.
  • Single-cartridge type Air Caulk Guns have "full porting" to prevent piston upset.
  • All parts for Deluxe, Special Deluxe, Ultra, and Air Powered dispensing gun models are replaceable.  Many B-Line guns can be maintained also.
  • All of our products are backed by Albion's warranty and commitment to professional quality tools.
  • All thrust values quoted are based upon the hand dynamometer strength of an average male in the United States of America holding the tool in its normal, comfortable gun grip area.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all Albion manual dispensing guns are built with our patented smooth rod design.

Tech Sheets

If you have additional technical questions please contact us or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

  • Handle Assembly Instructions
  • Standard Piston Replacement Kits
  • Ultra Drive Assembly Instructions - Albion Ultra drive assembly instructions provide step-by-step illustrations for rebuilding this drive system.
  • Oversized Sausage Instructions - Occasionally, manufacturers supply oversized sausages which cause loading problems. This instruction sheet shows the cleanest and quickest way to load the sausage without emptying some of its contents. This method will work in most cases.
  • Sausage Gages - Albion has developed sausage gages which aid in the sausage filling process. This instruction sheet shows how to use the gages for determining the correct tolerances for sausages. Material manufacturers and fillers find these gages useful.
  • Mark Schneider's article in ASI Magazine - An article by Albion president Mark Schneider was featured in the June 2010 issue of Adhesive & Sealants Industry Magazine. See the PDF for some useful information regarding packing and dispensing of adhesives and sealants.