Uraban Promise Albion is a proud supporter of Urban Promise International.

UrbanPromise International’s Mission is to prepare emerging leaders to initiate, develop, and sustain Christian-based youth development organizations and to seed their new ministries as they serve vulnerable children and teens in our world’s most under-resourced communities.

Buy a Bed


This past year UrbanPromise International has helped to build two new dormitories for high schools in Rise Malawi and MercyCare.  These dormitories are giving 200 kids a place to call home. That’s a miracle. But there’s a problem: 80 kids are still sleeping on concrete floors! (See above photo) Not every kid has a bed.

Urban Promise is in need of

40 BUNKS: $80 each
80 MATTRESSES: $30 each
And BEDDING: $15 each

 You Can Make a Difference!


Let’s get these kids off the floor. Let’s put them in real beds with real sheets and real pillows. That’s worth celebrating!

Matching Gift Alert: Every dollar you send for bunks and bedding will be matched with $2 for UrbanPromise International operating expenses by an anonymous donor who deeply believes in this mission.

Want to understand the power of a mattress?
Click here to read the story of Gilbert, a second year fellow.