After hearing from several end-users over the years that our 1-1/4” wide (8” long) and 1-1/2” wide (10” long) Classic (hardwood handle) Caulk Spatulas were too long for working in tight spaces we shortened them to 6” long.  The shorter models are still manufactured with the same taper and grind that demanding craftsmen need for the perfect flex, but now with a shorter 6” long blade.Short Spats

                The original 8” and 10” long stainless steel versions are still available but you will now need to specify new p/n 258-8SL and 258-10SL to get the Long versions.  The 6" length models are now standard.

               Product Bulletin 297E shows all your Classic and Streamline spatula options →Bulletin

                We are also announcing a new 9-piece Classic Spatula Kit (compare to the wildly popular 7-piece Streamline Spatula Kit  p/n 958-G01) except that this includes more spats (9 vs. 7) and is packaged in a handy and durable nylon tool wrap.  This is a nice upgrade from the ring or band that holds most spatula kits together.  Order yours today wherever quality sealants and tools are sold.  Rolled Up

Spat Wrap