We pleased to announce that we have updated Product Bulletin 283B – 600ML Multi-Component Guns to include more product options for dispensing 600 ml 2K cartridges. Product Bulletin 283C now features all T600 models in MANUAL, CORDLESS & PNEUMATIC.

Product Bulletin 283C










The B-Line manual drive offers smooth but powerful high thrust. B26T600 (1:1) and  B26T600X2 (2:1) are best used for easy projects requiring multiple small applications. While our stand-up extension versions, B26T600XL (1:1) and B26T600X2L (2:1), saves your back when sealing traffic detector induction loops, warehouse control joints and roof membrane lap joints.

For go-anywhere convenience consider our 18V Cordless models.  Effortless caulking with a long-lasting battery, Powered by Milwaukee® REDLITHIUM™ Battery Technology.  E18T600 (1:1), E18T600X2 (2:1) along with our stand-up extension models E18T600XL (1:1) and E18T600X2L (2:1) complete the line.

For fast, continuous dispensing of large quantities, air power will do the trick. The AT-Line offers a unique quick exhaust design for stopping flow on a dime.  AT600-S and AT600X2-S features our patented suitcase handle for convenient, ergonomic dispensing. Two-hand configuration, AT600 (1:1) and AT600X2 (2:1), are also available.  Preferred for crack injection.

 All T600 models are suitable for dispensing epoxies & adhesives for construction joints, crack injection, adhesive installation and bolt & rebar setting. Learn more and download Product Bulletin 283C – T600 Multi-Component Guns.

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