We pleased to announce that we have updated Product Bulletin 281ECartridge, Sausage and Bulk B-Line Guns, to include more product information on Manual B-Line tools for Cartridge, Sausage and Bulk Dispensing.

The Value and Durability you’ve been looking for are here!


LONGER TOOL LIFE: Adjustment screw technology increases the life of the gun, as the tool wears you can adjust the screw to eliminate wasted motion.

INCREASED DURABILITY: The legendary double gripping plates and steel trigger means increased durability. If dropped, it won’t break!

USER FRIENDLY: Cartridge guns feature a built-in cartridge puncture tool and ladder hook pull. Convenient swivel carriage. Sausage and Bulk guns accept all Albion ladder hook pulls.

INCREASED EFFICIENCY: Albion’s improved pump efficiency helps get the job done quicker. It takes fewer pumps to empty a cartridge, resulting in more efficient hand motion.

B-Line Cartridge guns are light weight and easy to operate. Built to last with smooth action and drip-free dispensing. All guns include a built-in cartridge puncture wire and ladder hook pull. Available for 10oz and quart size cartridges.

The popular B-Line Sausage guns are available for 10oz, 13oz, 20oz, 30oz sausage packs. Sausage guns can easily adapt to cartridge or bulk dispensing with a switch of a piston. Kits include six plastic nozzles, replacement pistons and a ladder hook pull for hanging anywhere.

Bulk dispensing is made easy with the B-Line Bulk guns, complete with easy to clean steel barrel, orange cone nozzles and leather pistons. Available for 10oz, 20oz, 30oz Bulk dispensing.

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