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Manual Drives

Albion Professional Line:

We are especially proud of our Professional Line, which satisfies the needs of skilled craftsmen installing sealants and adhesives on a daily basis. These individuals require heavy-duty tools that are adaptable for special applications and are easily maintained with replacement parts. They expect their tools to perform day-in, day-out and to hold up to harsh chemicals. These tools must operate reliably over a wide range of temperatures and the unforgiving environment of construction job sites. The Professional Line is our long-developed solution for this demanding group. Drives in this category are Special Deluxe (most popular), Special Deluxe Plus, Ultra, Deluxe, Utility, Utility Plus, Air, Cordless and Push-Pull.

B-Line Tools:

The B-Line is designed to compete with the best from around the world. By combining legendary Albion design and quality we offer tools that stand above the competition in value. Drives in this category are B1, B12, B18 and B26.

Viper Line Tools:

Basic guns designed for simple jobs. Typically offered at hardware, paint and DIY stores. We add to their value with our engineering and quality control. Drives in this category are R5, R6B & H10.

FACT: Caulking Gun Drives are Just Like the Gears of a Racing Bike:

When choosing among drive systems, it is important to remember that the force needed to dispense thin (low viscosity) materials is much less than that needed for thicker (higher viscosity) materials.  Long nozzles generate significant back pressure and also require more force

Just like a bicycle climbing up a steep hill, when you need more power (force) you downshift to a lower gear (higher thrust) to divide your work load into smaller, more managable segments. The opposite is true on a straightaway (lower viscosity).  You shift to a higher gear so you don't have to pedal as frequently. The same concept holds for dispensing tools.  When you match the power of the tool to the viscosity of the material you will be the most efficient and comfortable.

Thrust Chart