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AT Dual Action Air-Powered Drives

Single Action, Dual Action, and AT Dual Action Air-Powered Drives

  1. To regulate the flow of material, simply adjust the air pressure regulator
  2. Manual force is not required to create pressure within the MCU (material containment unit)
  3. The viscosity of the material and the pressure applied, along with the nozzle diameter, determine the dispensing speed

Single Action Air-Powered Drive:

  • Air power allows for smooth dispensing
  • Manual loading for maximum control
  • Its simplicity ensures reliability

Dual Action Air-Powered Drive:

  • Air powers in both dispensing and loading
  • The ultimate in speed and convenience

AT Dual Action Air-Powered Drive

  • Large 4" cylinder for fast dispensing of twin cartridge material
  • Ergonomic suitcase handle