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About Albion's History

Mark C. Schneider

Mark C. Schneider - President & CEO

Bringing more than 10 years of management experience designing and building automated machinery for Warner & Swasey, ICI Americas, and Wayne Automation, Mark Schneider joined the family business in 1988. After serving in multiple capacities at Albion from engineer to operations manager and vice president, he rose to President and CEO in 2000. Mark has overseen Albion's implementation of multiple new technologies in this period and guided it to its current position as the dominant US-based designer and manufacturer of dispensing solutions in the form of hand tools.

Frederick Van Cott

Frederick Van Cott - Director

Frederick Van Cott has a strong background in sales, sales management and general business administration. Most recently he was Product Management Vice-President for Sea Gull Lighting Products, Inc., where he has been employed since 1971. Majoring in Accounting & Finance, he attended Pace College and C. W. Post Business School. His corporate background is contrasted with early experience in a family owned trucking business, and as the General Manager of the Cordy China Company. Fred joined the Albion Board in March of 1991.

Josh McCaully

Josh McCaully - Director

Josh McCaully brings an enthusiastic knowledge of technology and business operations to the group. He is currently with GrayHair Software, a pioneer in the mailing industry, where he is the Director of Client Development and the former head of IT Operations. Prior to this he was a sales leader with Com-Pak Services where he handled their most vital accounts. Josh is a graduate of the Carroll School of Management at Boston College with a double major in Marketing and Information Systems. He joined the Albion Board in March, 2007.


Directors Emeritus

  • John Emery, active from January 1973 through June 1981
  • Phillip B. Flagler, active from January 1973 through February 1981
  • Peter B. Obbard, active from February 1981 through February 1998
  • Paul Coward, active from January 1983 through December 1999
  • James M. Davidson, active from December 1999 through December 2006
  • Tom McCaully, active from March 2000 through December 2006
  • Louis R. Matlack, active from January, 1976 through September, 2012
  • William K. Holden, active from March, 1998 through April, 2012.

Past Presidents

  • F. Karl Schneider, active from 1929-1963
  • Franz K. Schneider, active from 1963-1999

Family History

F. Karl Schneider, President 1929-1963, launched Albion into dispensing tools with USA Patent #1986166, which reminds us that he changed the way caulking guns operated by patenting the first smooth rod caulking gun.  Since that time, countless numbers of satisfied users have enjoyed the efficiency and durability of Albion dispensing solutions.