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750ml MRII Twin Cartridge Half

Cartridge StyleMRII Twin side-by-side
Mix Ratio
Nozzle Type
Special Applications
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Mate this half with any other size 741-G0x cartridge half to create a twin cartridge set. Use #544-7 Connecting Nut to secure with bell-type #484-xxx-xxx static mixing nozzle.

Dispense material from these cartridges with Albion guns B26T1500X (high-thrust manual gun), B26T1500XL (long manual gun for stand up applications), E18T1500X (18 volt cordless), E18T1500XL (18 volt cordless extension), or AT1500-S (side load configuration air).

Includes cartridge, piston and plug.  Dimensions: 8-1/2" long X 3-1/8" diameter.  Polyethylene.

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