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Product Bulletins

Detailed information on featured products. Click the links below to view each product bulletin as a PDF.

352 B26- The Cold Weather Gun

215 Mixing Devices

276B DDT - Delamination Detection Tool

280E Battery Powered e-Drive Guns - HIGH-POWERED 18-Volt LITHIUM-ION MODELS

281D B-Line Cartridge and Sausage Tools - NEW!

283B B-Line Two Component Gun for 300/300ml and 300/150ml Cartridges

284B B-Line Two Component Gun for 300/30ml

287D Pro-Size Cartridge Gun - The B26QM

288A B-Line 20oz Sausage Guns

291A B-Line Two Component Guns for 200ml and 400ml Cartridges

293A B-Line Two Component Gun for 750/750ml

297D Professional Sealant Tooling Spatulas - Including 2 new sizes

298C Firestopping Tools - UPDATED FOR 2013!

299A B-Line Two Component Guns for 750/75ml and 600/300ml Cartridges

300A B-Line Bulk Guns

301A Bulk & Sausage Guns with Teflon® Industrial Coating

302A 50ml Twin Cartridge Dispensing Tool: R6T50i - NEW!

306A Higher Thrust Guns for Thick Materials and Cold Weather - NEW FOR 2013!

309 Hot Pot Keeps Sealants Warm Under Coldest Conditions - NEW!

314 Bendable Nozzles - NEW!

317A AT1200S Twin-Sausage Gun for Dow 902 RCS - NEW!

318A The Ergonomic AT Line of Air Guns - NEW!

321 B26 Cartridge Gun for Cold Weather - NEW!

323C Popular Guns & Accessories for Tool Distributors

324A  AT1200S-2 Twin Sausage Gun for Dow 902 RCS - NEW!

326 Caulker's Tool Bag

330A How Fast is FAST? - NEW!

331B The Viper Line of economy caulking guns

334 10:1 Mix Ratio Adhesives - NEW!

335 Sealant Usage Chart

336 Plastic Ribbon Bead Nozzle - NEW!

337 Flexible Rubber Bulk Loading Sleeve #33-10 -NEW!

339 12 Volt Lithium-Ion Cartridge and Sausage Guns - NEW!

345 C.A.T. Spatulas Plastic & Stainless - NEW!

935B Angled Plastic Nozzles: 935 Series - NEW!

343 B12S20 Sausage Gun Improvements

346 18-Volt Cordless Twin Cartridge Guns

CA Credit Application


Cordless Conversion Instructions

 352  B26- The Cold Weather Gun

353 Skim Plates for Bulk Loading

347A Spot-Pro Nozzle

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Engineering Tidbit

Single Action Air Guns
  • Air power allows for smooth dispensing
  • Manual load improves speed and quality
  • Its simplicity improves reliability
  • Air pressure = material containment pressure
Dual Action Air Guns
  • Air power in both dispensing and loading directions
  • Commonly used on two component applications
  • Commonly used on single component applications