SWRI   Albion is proud to announce the introduction of a new product for inserting backer rod quickly and accurately in horizontal joints.  The patented Backer Rod Rover is a walk-behind inserter that transforms a back-breaking two or three man job into an efficient and hassle-free one man operation.


   The #1051-1 Rover can insert foam rod from 1

/4" to 3/4" wide at depths up to 3/4" deep. 

   A spool of backer rod mounts conveniently in the upper frame.  Rod threads down through a feed tube where it is neatly delivered to a set of three durable steel insertion wheels which place it firmly into the joint.

   The Rover is particularly effective with saw cut joints in concrete where it rolls smoothly down long stretches without missing a beat.

   Save time and hassle on your next job by adding the efficiency of the Albion Backer Rod Rover.  Ships and stores in a durable, weather-resistant plastic storage case.