Albion is proud to announce a new caulking accessory that makes handling your gun more comfortable in cold weather Insulating Barrel Sleeve w/Flashlightwhile helping to maintain the temperature of the sealant inside.  Sliding on easily to any of our 2” diameter dispensing tools including the B12S20 sausage gun and DL-45-T17 bulk gun, the 1055-1 Insulating Barrel Sleeve provides a more comfortable grip to the barrel throughout the year.

Insulating Barrel Sleeve

   Tired of not being able to find a spatula when you need one?  Made of Neoprene rubber, this flexible cover can double as a spatula or flashlight holder.  


  • It's just like a beverage wrap for your caulk gun!


Insulating Barrel Sleeve

   At Albion Engineering Company, we pride ourselves in reducing the hassles and increasing the efficiency of installing sealants and adhesives - in all temperatures!

   Our innovative approach to serving customers keep us ahead of the competition.  The Best Just Keeps Gettin' Better!™