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Fire Stopping Tools

Albion has a Dispensing Solution for all your firestop materials, whether they are packaged in tubes, sausage packs or pails.

FirestoppingWe have developed several accessories that are particularly helpful in installing firestopping sealants such as nozzle extensions, bendable nozzles and bent nozzles

Albion's professional tools are available for purchase through all leading distributors of firestopping products in North America. To find a distributor near you call us at 856-235-6688 M-F 8a-4:30p east coast time or email us anytime.

For more info on popular products in the Firestopping industry see Product Bulletin 298B

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  • 10oz B-Line Manual Sausage Gun w 121 Drive

    10oz B-Line Manual Sausage Gun w/ 12:1 Drive

1 Item(s)